Monday, September 19, 2005

Salt Lake City Meridian Marker

Salt Lake City, UT
Meridain Marker
GPS Coord: N 40° 46.150 W 111° 53.483

This marker defines the boundaries of Temple Square and serves as the originating point for the city's street numbering system, established by Orson Pratt in August 1847. The stone marker was later set by U.S. surveyor general David Burr. The city plan of wide streets and consistently numbered, uniform blocks was visionary.
Behind the meridian marker, notice the sandstone base to the 13 - foot high adobe wall sorrounding the temple, preserved since 1857. Also on this same corner, notice the bust of Utah's famous pioneer photographer Charles Savage, remebered here as founder of Old Folks' Day.


Bob said...

The official B&M is inside Temple Square, just behind the wall.


Happy Blogger said...

I'm looking for information on the earth's meridian, I was told that it went right through Salt Lake City. Do you know anything about it?
Your site is interesting! We are related to the Savage mentioned, and I have several temples on my blog, but not any foreign temples. My son is the head-engineer at the Rexburg Temple and was an engineer in the Bountiful temple. My website is:
Peggy Knowles