Friday, June 02, 2006

Still working!!

I'm still working on my map of all the temples. I've completed the United States and Canada, now I'm stuggling to find the temples in other countries, where there is no way to search for addresses. So I'm trying to find them through satellite imagery. If by chance you have the Latitude and Longitude of some forieng temples, make sure to send them my way.

I just started a different project, but the same concept. It's actually the original goal of this blog. I'm plotting all the church history sites on another map. What a great source of information that would be.


Josh said...

You may or may not already have it, but here is the location of the Buenos Aires, Argentina Temple:

W 58*31'6" - S 34*43'45"

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Seoul Korea
37 degrees 33' 31.88"N
126 degrees 55' 52.67"E
google earth has a nice high resolution picture in that area
Dan Petty

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have created the database or a Google Earth map for the church history sites. I'll be visiting Nauvoo, Kirtland, Palmyra etc. next week and would love to get whatever info you have but couldn't find it on your blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you go to Google Earth and search the temple name,(ei: Bern Switzerland LDS Temple)it will take you rigtht to it.

Anonymous said...

Try this site -
It is a church site and you can see an aerial view so when you find it on your map, you will know if you have the right place.

Also, here are the coordinates for all temples in Europe

Madrid Spain Temple - 40 24’00.03” N 3 37’54.18” W
Bern Switzerland Temple – 47 00’08.24 N 7 27’30.07” E
Frankfurt Germany Temple – 50 15’30.57” N 8 38’28.58” E
Freiberg Germany Temple – 50 55’20.32 N 13 19’21.25” E
Hague Netherlands Temple – 52 03’16.65” N 4 30’10.90” E
London England Temple – 51 09’45.43 N 0 03’08.32” W
Preston England Temple – 53 40’21.22” N 2 37’52.14” W
Copenhagen Denmark Temple – 55 41’34.16” N 12 32’02.52” E
Stockholm Sweden Temple – 59 07’29.47 N 18 06’33.25 E
Helsinki Finland Temple – 60 13’30.70” N 24 46’53.17” E
Kyiv Ukraine Temple (site) – 50 24’15.56” N 30 23’44.42” E

ClairB said...

I've been assembling a detailed church history chronology. If I can provide info on any particular even or site, I'd be glad to.

Check out the daily dose of church history at

BruceCrow said...

Hong Kong
22 degrees 20' 25.1" N
114 degrees 10' 38.4" E

Adam Yaksich said...

Nate, I'm not sure if you're still working on this project or not, but I'd like to help. How far along are you? Did you stop writing in your blog because you had found someone else had done this work already?


A.C.K. Family said...

if you go to you can download a google earth app and see everyone of the temples, this is a old post so you may be the reason they have this app? :)